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Empowering Student Pharmacists Through Research: A Journey with the JPCTs by Shobhit Sood

Appalachian College of Pharmacy, Oakwood, VA 24631, USA
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The profession of pharmacy offers so much more than what meets the eye. Student pharmacists currently training in the discipline will be entering a professional environment that expands far beyond the traditional career opportunities found in hospital and retail pharmacy. There is a growing demand for pharmacists in industry, research, and managed care organizations along with a growing awareness of the applications of a PharmD degree in non-traditional roles. Unfortunately, the fundamental infrastructure required to support student pharmacists in procuring marketable experiences to qualify for these non-traditional roles has been lacking. With limited in-house opportunities, student pharmacists often find themselves directly competing with student physicians and Ph.D. candidates for relevant experiences that often come in the form of research or internships where research is a component. This presents a need for the development of in-house opportunities that provide a space for student pharmacists to apply and refine their research ability, acquire publications, and gain familiarity when navigating academic literature to better meet the qualifications of these non-traditional roles. The Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding and Therapeutics can be that space.

In the time I’ve spent with the JPCTs, I’ve gained a profound admiration and respect for the process of research and the many skill sets it takes to circumnavigate the unknown. My current research project focuses on evaluating the chemical and thermal stability of specific active pharmaceutical ingredients in the lozenge dosage form. Through a detailed review of relevant literature, I designed experiments aimed at understanding the optimal conditions for compounding these products while maintaining their stability and efficacy. While conducting my research, I was humbled by the many voids in our scientific literature about pharmaceutical compounding. There is work to be done, and I am thankful that there is an avenue through which I can contribute to this work; even as a student. It is here where I developed the thought process of a researcher. Prior to this experience, I did not have a systematic approach to tackling unknowns, nor was I well versed in the proper procedure required for a literature review fit for publication. The experiences and skill sets I’ve acquired during my time with JPCTs will follow me wherever I go, and I am both grateful and thankful for the opportunity.


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Empowering Student Pharmacists Through Research: A Journey with the JPCTs by Shobhit Sood is licensed under CC BY 4.0


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